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sarkis sarkis
sarkis sarkis
Sarkis I Residency from November 1997 to May 1998

Sarkis (Sarkis Zabunian) was born in 1938 in Istanbul. He lives and works in Paris since 1964.

At first oriented towards painting, his work developed more and more around sculpture and installations. He uses materials that he characterizes as “harsh”; symbolically charged materials such as tar, water, steel, and heat; he associates these elements with the theatre, music, and his interest in the works of Joseph Beuys and conceptual art.
Sarkis has developed a plastic vocabulary around the concept
Kriegschatz (the spoils of war, or loot): it is one of the fundamental ideas in his work for which he assembles objects form different cultures.

At the Atelier Calder, he produced a series of videos. The twenty-five opening screens gave the twenty-five titles: “Au Commencement…” With an economy of gesture, sobriety of means, much poetry and the freshness of a child, these films present a sort of celebration of the watercolor: the diffusion of color in water, the passage from a the solid state to a liquid state, the burning of a piece of paper…Sarkis puts into play not only daylight but also sound by way of different forms of music.

Sarkis has participated in many large group exhibitions for the last number of years. He exhibits his work in notable museums and art centers across Europe.

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