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roger_hiorns roger_hiorns
roger_hiorns roger_hiorns
Roger Hiorns I Residence from July to December 2008

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Roger Hiorns was born in 1975 in Birmingham. He lives and works in London.

Roger Hiorns has had several solo exhibitions, notably at the space Art Now at the Tate Britain in London (2005), at the U.C.L.A. Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (2003), at the Milton Keynes Gallery in London (2006), and at the Artangel Art Center in London (2008).
His work is regularly shown at the Corvi-Mora Gallery in London and at the Marc Foxx Gallery in Los Angeles.

He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions: the 1st Athens Biennial Destroy Athens (2007), at the Consortium in Dijon (2005), Le Voyage Interiéur Paris-London at the EDF-Electra space (2005), Sculpture New Spirit at the Nathalie Obadia Gallery (2005), at the Musée Départemental d’Art Contemporain de Rochechouart (2005), Architecture and sculpture remain the foundations of Roger Hiorn’s work: his creative knowledge and understanding are visible in his rigorous approach and thought processes following in the tradition of sculpture.

The works by Hiorns surprise: they combine industrial objects with delicate materials, some even semi-precious. Thus, BMW engines ornamented with sparkling crystals suddenly become baroque, almost rococo, art objects that are delicate, fragile and unique, and emanate a certain melancholy.

At Saché, Roger Hiorns realized new pieces evoking mechanical or other everyday objects apparently functional, but whose actual uses remains a mystery.

Hiorns fully uses the dialogue that is established between very different materials, such as metal, perfume, or crystals that are transformed and evolve with time. “The work is successful when it becomes independent and needs nothing other than itself. It exists by virtue of its own language.”

The sculptures by Roger Hiorns often contain an unusual combination of materials as he looks to realize their metamorphosis, giving them an imaginary and poetic dimension.

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