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pier_paolo_calzolari pier_paolo_calzolari
pier_paolo_calzolari pier_paolo_calzolari
Pier Paolo Calzolari I Residency from October 1996 to Mars 1997

Pier Paolo Calzolari was born in Bologna in 1943.

Since the 1960's, this Italian artist has produced a body of important work. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Europe, notably in the 1969 exhibition When Attitudes Become Forms, given at the Kunsthalle in Berne. His work is closely related to that of Arte Povera, conceptual art, American minimalism, and the work of Joseph Beuys.

The recurrent theme in his work is the passage of time. He chooses to work with materials that allow the viewer to to see transformations from a beginning state to a new state.

At the Atelier Calder, he produced a series of lead bathtubs. The choice of material is not insignificant since lead is a malleable material, thus making its deformation visible. The bathtub surface shows soft shapes, and blue light plays across the surface that turns from matte to brilliantly reflective.

The other series of work produced at the Atelier Calder makes reference to an omnipresent theme in Calzolari's work: tables. On their surfaces are assembled objects according to a precise order, nothing is haphazard. About this series of tables, Pier Paolo Calzolari has said "the shape is perfect, I integrate it into the space...the connection established between necessity, function, the idea and the material is an association of absolute communion."

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