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patrick saytour patrick saytour
patrick saytour patrick saytour
Patrick Saytour I Residency from April 1989 to April 1990

Patrick Saytour was born in 1935. He lives and works in Aubais, France.

A member of the group Supports/Surfaces, Patrick Saytour has always held a critical, ironic and deliberately marginal position even while being a central figure in the group. His work can be defined as an attempt at the deconstruction of form, color, format, and the usual framework of presentation. He engages in a sort of theatrical parody of art, using in his production methods a simple vocabulary and primary technology: systematic foldings and unfoldings, burns, soakings, and sun exposure.

At the Atelier Calder he produced a group of sculptures made from boat chains that represent flower pots, baskets, canes and other everyday objects made monumental to an extreme. These objects were at once decorative and practical.

What interests Saytour in using this material is its flexibility, its malleability: in spite of its weight it becomes modifiable. These objects define themselves in the surrounding space, and seem to become almost ethereal.

As in the work of Claes Oldenburg, these "sculptures" stand out as sophisticated works that have a strangely seductive aura.

His works have been exhibited in venues dedicated to modern and contemporary art in most of Europe, Asia, and the United States. They also figure in important public collections: at the Musée Nationale d' Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, at the Cantini Museum in Marseille, and at the FRAC in Franche-Comte. In 1980 the Musée de Saint Etienne presented a retrospective of his work, and recently the Musée de Ceret.

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