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marin kasimir marin kasimir
marin kasimir marin kasimir
Marin Kasimir I Residency from September 1990 to June 1991

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Marin Kasimir was born in 1957 in Munich. He left Munich in the 1980's for Brussels, where he has lived since.

Enjoying international recognition, he won the young Belgian painter's Prix in 1985 and the Prix for photography of the city of Paris in 1995.

Kasimir's work uses themes and techniques from diverse areas and disciplines: architecture, photography, urban planning, landscape, theatre, film, painting and literature. He uses these different mediums and the cultural history attached to them in order to open a dialogue on public space and its perception, which for Kasimir determines all social and political organization, and defines the cultural and esthetic codes. Thusly, in a single moment, Kasimir allows the viewer to see the institutional and sociological characteristics of a population.

Kasimir's work can be compared to that of Dan Graham, Jeff Wall, Ludger Gerdes, or Thomas Shütte.

At the Atelier Calder, Marin Kasimir produced a series of works closer to sculpture or construction that makes references to ancient procedures like anamorphism and the panorama invented in the eighteenth century. What the artist is looking to achieve is the recomposition of points of view, the questioning of our notions of distance and scale.

This research is particularly strong in his panoramic photography. Presented in large format, they make their own place between mural painting, photography, cinema, and architecture.

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