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kitty_kraus kitty_kraus
kitty_kraus kitty_kraus
Kitty Kraus I Residency from january to April 2016

Born in 1976 in Heidelberg, Kitty Kraus lives and works in Berlin.

Kitty Kraus uses materials in her work chosen for their capacity for transformation: glass, ice, beams of light and colour and mirrors. They can appear, disappear, melt or explode. What interests Kraus is to capture the moment of instability, the passage from one state to another, and to use it as a means of mediation for emotion or to express a certain kind of poetry.

Making what could seem as a banal mechanical accident issues from a precise and detailed process. For all of her projects, Kitty Kraus develops an exact method that she experiments first using reduced models which form one or several lines of research that aim to create minimalist devices where physics and alchemy meet.

Kitty Kraus’s work can present blocks of colour and light, light bulbs imprisoned in ice, the liquid slowly forming and spreading from their heat to then make abstract compositions of a dark beauty, bringing together simultaneously physical destruction and metaphysical questioning.

One of her works is made of mirrored cubes, each containing a 100 watt light bulb, the rays of light only visible where the edges meet. After a lapse of thirty minutes, the light bulbs overheat and explode the cubes that held them. This violent act becomes the symbol of a force that liberates itself after having been constrained and imprisoned.

With this installation, Kitty Kraus opposes an action in a precise social context with the liberty offered by an experimental process and that allows simple elements to become uncontrollable. Kraus invites the viewer to question the current culture where the only way to exist is by means of consuming. Her work invites a deep philosophical examination that goes beyond the domain of art and leads us to find the sense of our own existence.

At the Atelier Calder, Kitty Kraus made an ensemble of work and experimented with different projects. She was able to take full advantage of her residence to take to yet a deeper level the themes present in her work. She made a group of works in metal which the artist then gave other physical qualities: from the rigid material she obtained soft forms that seem to fluidly unroll.

The principal work was made of metal lines that traced a path guiding the viewer to a mirror which reflected the Atelier’s space within itself, producing a poetic and subtle play of light made by the reflection.

These works were also presented in Zurich (Grieder Contemporary) where Kitty Kraus participated in an exhibition in collaboration with artist Jonas Lipps (April 2016).

Kitty Kraus has been recognized in the international art scene since 2006, and several institutions have given her solo exhibitions: Kunsthalle, Zurich (2008); the Guggenheim Museum New York (2009); CAC Theseustempel, Vienna (2011); and White Cube, London (2011). Kitty Kraus regularly participates in group exhibitions such as What You See is Where You’re At, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh (2010); Beyond Minimal (2011) Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg; Memories of the Future, the Olbritch Collection, la Maison Rouge, Paris (2012).

She is represented by the Neu Gallery in Berlin.

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