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Alexandre Ponomarev I Residency from January to June 2003

Alexandre Ponomarev was born in Dnipropetrovs’k in 1957. He lives and works in both Paris and Moscow.

His work is profoundly inspired by his past as a merchant marine and naval engineer, and he maintains a constant fascination and connection with the sea and the marine universe. Alexandre Ponomarev creates essentially two types of projects: technological works and what he calls "sub mobiles" (Le Souffle de l'Ocean, Lisbon, 1998, Hommage à Archimède, Moscow and Vienna, 1999, Memories de l'Eau, in Paris, Cité des Sciences, 2002) and creative works in the sea, notably Ressusciter les Navires, where the artist had himself put down in the Baltic Sea on a graveyard of ships where he painted the ship bridges and all the parts not submerged in the water. This work was the subject of the exhibition at the National Gallery of Moscow.

In 2002, the artist made temporarily disappear an island in the Barents Sea, (Maya l'Ile Perdue, 2000) which was filmed. This project seeks to call attention to the problems of outlying territories, which are lost, forgotten, and therefore threatened.

At the Atelier Calder, Alexandre Ponomarev created several works dealing with the submarine theme, as in Tube et Kiosque (a project started in 1996 with the Trace Septentrionale de Leonard). His work was featured in the Loire River during the Festival Rayons Frais in 2003, and at the FIAC art fair in 2006, in one of the large ornamental basins in the Tuileries Gardens.

In 2007, Alexandre Ponomarev participated in the Festival d'Automne where he exhibited Vertical Parallèle at the Chapelle Saint Louis de la Salpetrière.

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